Igneous Expressions

Press Release for the Exhibition

FAYETTEVILLE, NC—The David McCune International Art Gallery presents “Igneous Expressions” glass art exhibition at the William F. Bethune Center for Visual Arts at Methodist University. There will be an opening reception at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 24. The exhibit runs through Dec. 12.

Twenty-six artists from western North Carolina will participate in this invitational show. Gallery Executive Director Silvana Foti and artist Kate Vogel have been working together for more than a year to organize this special exhibition and bring it to Methodist. Western North Carolina is home to many glass artists and has a strong art community. The show will feature more than 60 different pieces of glass art. Pictured at right is “Self-Portrait” by Billy Bernstein.

Vogel and her husband, John Littleton, have been collaborating on glass art for more than 30 years, and some of their pieces will be on display at the invitational. There will also be pieces from John’s father, Harvey Littleton, considered the father of American studio glass. Some of the other well-known artists who will be featured include Rick Beck, Mark Peiser, and Richard Ritter.

When considering artists and works for the show, Foti and Vogel looked for artists who would engage students and the general public, to put together a show of top-quality work in a variety of styles that show the breadth of what is possible with glass.

Presenting Artists

1. Dean Allison
2. Rick Beck
3. Valerie Beck
4. Gary Beecham
5. Billy Bernstein
6. Katherine Bernstein
7./8. Thor and Jennifer Bueno
9. Ken Carder
10. David Chatt
11. Shane Fero
12. Greg Fidler
13. Judson Guerard

14. Rob Levin
15. Harvey K. Littleton
16./17. Kate Vogel and John Littleton
18. Kenny Pieper
19. Mark Peiser
20. Jan Williams
21. Richard Ritter
22./23. Yaffa and Jeff Todd
24. Alex Bernstein
25. Robert Gardner
26. Ben Greene-Colonnese (young glass artist from Fayetteville)

Thumbnails from the Exhibition